BERLT promotes PCD overall composite inserts used for CFRP composites machining

BERLT promotes PCD overall composite inserts used for CFRP composites machining

 BERLT promotes PCD overall composite inserts used for CFRP composites machining

1、Application status of carbon fiber composites

Composites which made by two or more different materials with different properties through physical or chemical methods, are a kind of new- properties materials in the macro or micro scale. synergistic effect of the various materials results in comprehensive performance of the composites is much better than each original composition materials and meet final performance requirements.

In the 100 years old history of wind turbine, the wind blade materials had experience wood, cloth, Al alloy, finally fiber composites enter into this field due to their light weight, high strength-weight, excellent fatigue strength and mechanic strength,which are contributed to bear harsh environmental conditions and random loads.

But with the development of high-power generating units, increasing length of the blade asked better rigidity and better reinforced material with better properties. density of carbon fiber is about 30% smaller in weight, 40% bigger in strength , 3 to 8 times higher especially in modulus than glass fiber. The application of carbon fiber can reduce the load and increase length of the blade, thus suit for low-speed areas of large diameter fan, and save the wind energy costs. so vinyl resin with their compromise property and price are widely used by leaf manufacturers.

Now, almost all of the commercial grade leaves are made of composite materials as main body, wind power blades have become one of the important applications of composites.

2、Machining features of carbon fiber composites

Carbon fiber composites are two-phase or multi-phase structure which are got by mixing by soft and viscous matrix and high strength, high hardness fibers, they exhibits bad brittleness, hard hardness, Anisotropic mechanical properties and poor mechanical processing which include layered,  tearing, burr and other issues.

 For plants that are accustomed to metalworking, the ever-increasing application of composites in the aerospace industry has challenged them. Carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) are particularly difficult to process among composites.when processing such CFRP composites, the removal mechanism of the material is described as broken may be more appropriate rather than chips. The impact of the cutting edge break the hard carbon fiber, replace the conventional shearing method to remove material.

The wear on the cutting edge caused  during machining,results in more rapid wear of the tool. As with any other cutting tool application, the tool geometry shape as well as tool material determine the cutting effect in the machining of the composites.  If the tool material is not sufficiently wear resistance, the geometry of the tool can not be maintained and keep sharp, the tool will be quickly worn, and its geometry will change rapidly.

Due to the harsh cutting environment, tool life is very poor when processing CFRP . also because the composition of the composite material is not accurate ratio, it is difficult to design a fully suitable tool. Zhengzhou Berlt hard materials R & D department has invested a lot of resources to solve the processing of such composites. Become the first one to make high hardness, sharp PCD overall composite blade, for the processing of such composites, these production are the best tool material, also the best super-hard inserts structure.



The advantages of BERLT PCD overall composite inserts

1、More cutting edges

2、diamond layer and carbide basis are combined under high temperature and high pressure, leading to high combine strength.












Excellent wear resistance;

High finish machining

Finishing machining;

Suit for all non-ferrous metals and non-ferrous composites with high content of abrasive reinforcement or silicon.







Strong combination between grains;Good balance of wear resistance and impact resistance.

Finishing, roughing. For non-ferrous metals, carbon composites, inorganic non-metallic materials, hard rubber, graphite, wood and so on.






High hardness,

Excellent wear resistance.

Finishing, roughing.

Suit for High-silicon aluminum alloy (20% Si), composite materials, carbide, ceramic, stone and other processing.