BERLT introduced PCD overall composite inserts for Al alloy processing

BERLT introduced PCD overall composite inserts blades for Al alloy processing1, The development of Al alloy wheels hubsAs early of the 1920s, the Germans used

 BERLT introduced PCD overall composite inserts blades for Al alloy processing

1, The development of Al alloy wheels hubs

As early of the 1920s, the Germans used sand casting to produce Al wheels which used in racing cars. In the late 1940s, Al wheels were used in cars. In the late 1950s, the whole casting Al wheels were developed. Since the 1970s, developed countries started large quantities Promote the application of Al wheel hubs. In the late 80s , China began to produce Al wheels, with the total production and sales in China more than 7.2 million in 2006, China become the world's third largest automobile producer and the world's second largest consumer of car, China's annual product capacity of Al wheels of automobile and motorcycle is more than 62 million, and become the world's Al hub production power, and big export share.

2, The Al alloy wheel hubs manufacturing process

3, Cutting characteristic Al alloy

a) Low hardness

Compared with Ti alloy and other hardened steel, the hardness of Al alloy before heat treatment is low which generally less than HRC40 . Therefore, the load of the tool is very small when machining Al alloy. And due to its excellent thermal conductivity, and cutting temperature is relatively low during milling Al alloy , so milling speed can be faster.

b) Poor plasticity

Poor plasticity and lower melting point , while processing Al alloy , the issue of sticking of cutting tools is serious, poor chip performance,high surface roughness. In fact, sticking cutting tools and surface roughness are the key point to be solved. 

c) Cutting tool is easy to wear

If not suitable material is used, the problem of sticking knife and chip issues etc will lead to rapid wear of cutting tools while processing Al alloy

4,The tool material for machining Al alloy

Based on the machinability of Al alloy,no matter it is turning, boring,milling drilling,the better properties of cutting tools are asked including better wear resistance, sharp cutting edges,large positive rake, small surface roughness value of rake face and flank surface, anti-adhesion of rake face, smooth chip evacuation and so on. In a word,PCD or CVD  tools are suitable tool material for cutting Al alloy , they can ensure sharp cutting edges and wear-resistant.

Zhengzhou Berlt hard materials R & D department has invested a lot of resources to solve the processing of Al alloy wheels hubs. Become the first one to make high hardness, sharp PCD overall composite blade, these production are the best tool material, also the best super-hard inserts structure.


5, The advantages of BERLT PCD overall composite inserts

a) More cutting edges

b) High bonding strength between diamond layer and carbide substrate.

c) Suit for roughing and finishing. Good impact resistance strength.












Excellent wear resistance;

High finish machining

Finishing machining;

Suit for all non-ferrous metals and non-ferrous composites with high content of abrasive reinforcement or silicon.







Strong combination between grains;Good balance of wear resistance and impact resistance.

Finishing, roughing. For non-ferrous metals, carbon composites, inorganic non-metallic materials, hard rubber, graphite, wood and so on.






High hardness,

Excellent wear resistance.

Finishing, roughing.

Suit for High-silicon aluminum alloy (20% Si), composite materials, carbide, ceramic, stone and other processing.